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Friday Wrap Up: Technology

So, by reading this blog you’re participating in an undeniable habit many of us can relate to: a strong devotion to technology. Whether we want to accept it or not, it lurks around every corner. While there are countless advantages, such as creating convenient alternatives to normally mundane tasks, technology often becomes our standard comfort. Waiting in line? Check your text messages. Waiting at the doctor’s office? Catch up on Facebook. It is no doubt that technology assists in connecting people to one another, but sometimes it is important to take a look at what role it plays in our daily lives. If you find that it is dragging you down, what positive alternatives could you implement? How can you teach the youth about these positive ways to benefit from it? Below are some links that might help you create a more productive relationship with technology.

  • The Mental Illness Happy Hour shines a light on issues relating to the mental challenges that so many people face, and helps bring people together with a shared sense of hope.
  • Touching on a subject so prevalent in society, Why Kids Sext looks this phenomenon from all viewpoints.
  • A great blog for all parents, and specifically parents of children with anxiety, Turnaround shares important resources to help parents encourage their children to be the best they can be.
  • A fun post over on TEDBlog, here are 25+ apps to make your everyday life easier.
  • Finally, if you feel like your relationship with technology has become a habit you’d like to kick, here is A Five Step Digital Cleanse to get things started.