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Some News at Katie Cashin Therapy: Welcome Rebecca!

It’s with great excitement that I get to share with you today that Katie Cashin Therapy will soon be welcoming a new staff member! In just a few weeks, Rebecca Schaffner, LGPC will be bringing her talents and skills to Towson, where she will be seeing clients on weeknights and weekends. It has been a Read More

Clip of the Week Wednesday: Breathwork

“Deeper, slower, quieter and more regular.” Sounds easy, right? Well, we all could use a little practice and in doing so we might calm our mind as well. In this clip, Dr. Weil discusses why breathwork matters and how it can have an overall affect on your well-being. Read More

Friday Wrap Up: Too Many LInks Edition - Katie Cashin Therapy

Friday Wrap Up… On Saturday: Well-being

Hey everyone! This week was… interesting. Sometimes we just have to accept that not everything we want to do will always get done. Judging ourselves and striving for perfectionism won’t accomplish anything, in fact it will have you trying to be something you just might not be at that moment. And that is ok. For Read More