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Anxiety Isn’t the Problem

Yes, you read the title correctly and as a clinician specializing in anxiety issues, I know how backwards it feels to say that anxiety really isn’t the problem. But hear me (and science) out… If we are healthy (enough), functioning (enough) people we should be able to experience some anxiety in our lives. When we’re Read More

So you’re going to therapy…Part 2

There can be many variables, moving pieces, and motivations that help you decide to start therapy. But once you’ve reached this decision, what happens next? Today we’re going to map out how by identifying your needs or goals you can clarify what kind of mental health professional you will be looking for. Before we dive in, let’s quickly Read More

Take a Deep Breath

If you’ve ever been in a panicky situation, perhaps as a kid- maybe more recently- you’ve probably been advised to “take a deep breath.” If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably then wanted to slap this advisor. The well-intentioned suggestion seems less than helpful when trying to respond to or fix what’s gone wrong. Hearing Read More

Self-Compassion Series: Self-Soothing

Why hello there! Nice to see you all, nice to be writing again, nice to be observing this Labor Day from my couch where I’m doing nothing very laborious at all. I hope you are getting the time and space for something you need today too, whether it’s being with friends, rest, a good start on a project. Read More

Katie Cashin Therapy Self-Care

When Self-Care Feels Like a Chore

We have another guest post today from writer and wellness connoisseur Christina Taylor. Self-care. This is the number one, and I really mean number one, answer to my questions regarding stress. How can I feel better during this stressful period? Self-care. How can I feel less anxious about (enter ridiculous thing that statistically will probably Read More

Friday Wrap Up: Too Many LInks Edition - Katie Cashin Therapy

Friday Wrap Up: Technology

So, by reading this blog you’re participating in an undeniable habit many of us can relate to: a strong devotion to technology. Whether we want to accept it or not, it lurks around every corner. While there are countless advantages, such as creating convenient alternatives to normally mundane tasks, technology often becomes our standard comfort. Waiting Read More

Chaos to Creation

You may have noticed some recent changes to the Katie Cashin Therapy website. It’s been fun to work with my friend and creative consultant on this remodeling and I’ve enjoyed seeing the vision become more tangible. But it also felt a little chaotic… It’s required taking down the old, staring at a blank slate for Read More

Back to School: Algebra, Art, Anxiety??

Do you remember the Staples (Office Store) commercial that had a father joyfully riding his shopping cart down the aisle to “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” while his two kids trailed behind, hunched over in dread and dragging their feet? This clip runs through my mind every time we enter the first Read More

Quiet Time and the Anxious Mind

This year it feels like school was out for a day or two before Target, WalMart, and other big name stores began rolling the “Back-2-School” ads and I can just imagine the anxiety and despair that kids experience every time they’re reminded that school is “just around the corner.” It hasn’t always been like this, right? I Read More