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Friday Wrap Up: Starting Therapy

Making the decision to start therapy is empowering but can be overwhelming as well. From questions about what insurance will cover to the stigma behind receiving therapy, some people shy away from the subject altogether. Therapy does not have to stir up feelings of shame, stress or fear, in fact, therapy can be a great tool for anyone. This week I’m sharing links relating to all of the A’s to your Q’s regarding therapy.

Psychotherapy: Myths vs. Reality addresses the common myths that people usually fall back on when they aren’t convinced that therapy will help them.

Finding a therapist in the sea of available therapist in your area can be tough, but having certain questions can help you filter some of the results.

Will My Insurance Pay For Marriage Counseling? answers a lot of your questions about what insurance covers and what it does not. This comprehensive guide will help you be prepared for your session and ensure that you and your partner aren’t stuck with unexpected bills.

Once you find a therapist, it is important to know if they are meshing with your personality and guiding you through treatment in a productive way. If you’re in this position check out How to Know if Your Therapist is Helping You!

Here are 3 Tips to Remember For Your First Therapy Session, and remember that you’re not alone on this journey!


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