Identifying Luxury, Katie Cashin Therapy

Identifying Luxury

What do you think of when you hear the word “luxury”? A high end sports car? A day at the spa?? Mountains of gold coins that you can jump into like a pile of leaves??? It’s not surprising if your image of luxury runs along these lines. Rather than brush this off as being too materialistic, shallow, or unrealistic I think we should take a pause and examine how we imagine we would feel if we had these things. With a nicer car, would we feel more respected? Would a day at the spa help us feel loved and comforted? Does the idea of more money give us a sense of relief?

It isn’t wrong to desire the feelings we associate with a glamorous life! In fact, it’s important to be in touch with what these things mean to us so that we can get to know our needs on a deeper level.
The challenge is to investigate our current reality and find out where we get these sensations on a daily basis. For instance, my dream-luxury would be to enjoy dinner, a show, and ice skating in New York city with friends and family. I know this means on some level I value art, entertainment, getting out of my normal routine, being in community, and the sacredness of a good meal. I also know that I get to experience these things on a weekly basis when I get to have dinner with my family, see a show in Baltimore with a friend, and have the chance to catch up with a friend from college over a surprise, mid-day coffee break. When I think of these moments in terms of how they nurture me, they feel extra luxurious!
So, what is your dream luxury? What lies underneath the content of the details and how do you get to experience this on a smaller scale during the week?