Friday Wrap Up: Too Many LInks Edition - Katie Cashin Therapy

Friday Wrap Up… On Saturday: Well-being

Hey everyone! This week was… interesting. Sometimes we just have to accept that not everything we want to do will always get done. Judging ourselves and striving for perfectionism won’t accomplish anything, in fact it will have you trying to be something you just might not be at that moment. And that is ok. For your Saturday enjoyment, here are some links relating to well-being that stuck out to me during what has been, and what will be again, a crazy week!


  • A common thing people strive for is to “be perfect.” Each of us have our interpretations of what this perfect model is, and that might always be changing, but they all have something in common. They are overwhelming expectations we set for ourselves. Instead of having such attachments to what “should be done” and what “needs to happen,” let us learn to let go and be an active observer. What am I able to get done? What might be behind this negative mind-talk? These 3 steps to quieting perfectionist thoughts will help this process along!
  • Another common thing we tend to do is compare ourselves to others. When we compare ourselves to the “ideal” mother, friend, man, etc., we end up striving for something that might not reflect our true selves. Here is a helpful guide to stop comparing yourself to others.
  • I believe that storytelling is one of the most important ways to heal. By connecting to our own story we have the ability to fully understand ourselves. The awesome people at StoryCorps allow for people to share their stories and now pair them with animated clips. Check out this story entitled, “The Road Home.”
  • Disciplining your child sometimes seems like an endless battle. What if we looked at if differently though? Instead of teaching right and wrong choices, what if we allowed our children to communicate with us about why they did something? Take a look at these 10 things to do instead of grounding your child.
  • Another thing we can do for our children is implementing healthy habits. Here are 5 ways yoga can help create a drama-free teenager.
  • Ending the week with something fun – here are some cool solar drawings made with a magnifying glass!

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!