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Friday Wrap Up: Going Within

Hey everyone! This week we’re focusing on how to deal with the malaise that this time of year often brings. In the beginning of the week we had guest blogger, Christina Taylor, explore connecting with your roots and using this time to reconnect to yourself and take a journey within. To end our week, I’m sharing some links that further explore that theme of solitude and self-exploration. Let me mention that solitude does not always have to mean “being alone,” rather it can mean being OK with sitting with your thoughts instead of searching for distractions.

  • A Surprising Way to Feel Better About Yourself. Have You Tried It? looks at the idea of using willpower to raise your morale. Instead of watching TV in the evenings, what if you asserted your willpower and set aside twenty (or so) minutes to do something productive for yourself?
  • If you are looking for something to make a habit, what about taking a nightly walk? Winter doesn’t have to mean that you stay inside. Use this time to explore yourself, or your relationship, while getting out some excess energy and reflecting on the day.
  • Cultivating joy in our own lives can feel foreign. Often people seek fulfillment in other things – partners, habits, etc. Here are some tips to find that joy within yourself.
  • What if someone told you to take off and travel alone for a week? Would this be overwhelming? Exciting? Linda Holmes, writer and editor of NPR’s blog Monkey See, shares her experiences while taking a solo road trip around New England (and Maine). I found this quote to be so true, “If you collaborate constantly, both professionally and personally, it’s easy to forget what undiluted self-determination feels like, and there’s something to be said for remembering.”
  • Dealing with uncertainty is sometimes what stops us from taking the plunge and truly going within ourselves. What might we find? How long do we need to search? What do we do next? Uncertainty can sometimes be that “blessing in disguise” that pushes us towards discovering something amazing.
  • Finally, the idea of going within and discovering ourselves got me thinking about the idea of camouflage. Camouflage allows a predator to be unseen until they pounce, and for prey to go unseen in order to stay alive. What does this have to do with humanity and our theme for this week? Well, what if we, metaphorically speaking, camouflaged ourselves while we went through this process? I’m not saying go weeks without being heard from (please do not do this! your friends and family will worry!), rather allow yourself to be still. When you sit with your thoughts and feelings you might discover beautiful things about yourself. Take a cue from these awesome owls!