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Friday Wrap Up: Letting Go

Hey everyone, it seems as though the week has flown by because here I am gathering links for our Friday Wrap Up!

I want to share something I’ve noticed weaving both within myself and in our culture recently and that is the idea of letting go. From the leaves preparing for their autumnal dissent to getting used to the idea that the days will keep getting shorter, we all have to recalculate our minds and prepare for some change. As I’ve mentioned, I believe that change requires challenge. Challenging old, comfortable patterns, and battling the discomfort while this process occurs. Let us remember that while change may have the stigma of being uncomfortable, it is this process that allows us to deeply understand our true nature and become whole again.

I kept this theme in mind when selecting links for this week. Here are some interesting tidbits that can help you find comfort through this process of change.

1. Letting go and embracing change will allow for smoother transitions. That usually comes with letting go of control. GASP! How does one do that without feeling powerless? Try these 3 tips for letting go of control and embracing change.

2. While the weather gets cooler, and the days shorter, perhaps we find ourselves inside more often. Here are 7 tips to improve the time you spend at home.

3. Winding down and going to bed might be the time you look forward to most, but some find it hard to turn off from the world and actually fall asleep. Try these 6 yoga poses to help you drift off into a blissful sleep.

4. Last Friday, I shared some in-season food suggestions to help boost moods. Now make something with them! Considering that it’s pumpkin season (see: everything, everywhere) this delicious pumpkin salad will have you appreciating the season’s bounty.

5. Meditation. Some love it, some dread it. This helpful video will debunk some of meditation’s myths and help you realize that meditation is more accessible than you think!

6. Last but not least, something fun! This time of year always makes me feel whimsical. I yearn to hear the leaves crunching under my feet on hikes deep in the woods and to see the squirrels scurrying around and preparing for winter. When I found this piece of artwork entitled, “Overlook,” I knew that these two artists must have a similar curiosity for forests and the feelings they evoke.