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Friday Wrap Up

Hi Everyone and Happy Friday!!

Here on the blog I’m going to use Fridays to gather up some of what’s caught my attention around the web during week and replant it for you here on the Friday Wrap Up. I’ll share links, videos, quotes, art…the possibilities seem endless!

So enjoy, have a great start to your weekend, and be well.


1.) Three steps to help clear up your goals, from Productivityist.

2.) Experiencing the desire for the mythical work/life balance? Check out Sarah Creech’s (author of Season of the Dragonflies) Interview  on WUNC.

3.) Lunch Lady Heroes and how “Thank You” can change a life.


4.) If you live anywhere near the mid-atlantic, you may have noticed that it’s starting to feel like Fall! Here’s a great post from Radiant Wellness about the emotional and physical changes that come with this new, cooler season!

5.) And on that note, I’ll leave you with a precious glimpse of what we have to look forward to…

Ripple by Trevor Oldak

Ripple by Trevor Oldak