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Friday Wrap-Up: You did it!

Guys & Gals… you did it! Whether you jumped out of bed, starting each day with a song, or somehow by the grace of God and Elvis pulled yourself through, but with one foot in front of the other you did it. You landed on the other end of the week. So take a minute to think through where you started and where you have ended. What is different about “Monday You” and you here, reading this today? What have you learned? What did you not get around to? Where were you pleasantly surprised? Where did you experience disappointment?
Take time to ponder and also to check out the links below!
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  • Whether or not you experience regular or season depression, this time of year can naturally and easily do a number on our mood. Less sunlight (for most of us.) Maybe less exercise. More viruses floating around.The odds are against us in some ways. So here are a few ways to lift your spirits quickly and easily!