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Friday Wrap Up

Hello Everyone and Happy Friday!
I thought that maybe the weeks would start slowing down as we edged our way out of December and into the year, but apparently I was dead wrong! Hard to believe we’re here for another Friday Wrap-Up again but I’m excited to share the gems of the internet that I’ve corralled for you this week. I hope you all have a healthy and happy weekend! Enjoy…

My friend and colleague has (once again) hit the nail on the head here, re-framing “success” in terms of awareness, acknowledgement, and honesty. Check out Sherry McClurkin (MS, LCPC)’s Resolutions for Emotional Success here!

Here’s another good read on how we can successfully meet those resolutions one minor adjustment at a time (and why starting small may really work for our brain)!
You don’t have to work in the field of couples counseling to be familiar with the popular divorce stats that often come up in conversation. Did you know we’re working with old data? This New York Times post highlights some of the new information we’re learning about relationships, our economy, and the rest of the world by looking at marriage today.
After reading about The 2 Words You Should Stop Using Right Now I was surprised to find how frequently I use this casual response.
Often we talk about the importance of expressing our gratitude. In this Psychology Today post, John Amodeo encourages us to also practice receiving someone else’s gratitude.
And for anyone grieving the passing of the holiday season, Apartment Therapy gives you some creative ways to Continue the Festivities.