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Friday Wrap Up

Here we are once more with our Friday Wrap Up. I noticed this week how fast the days seem to be moving. It feels like as soon as Monday starts, the days slip out from between my fingers and it’s already Friday. While that might sound like a great thing, it made me think – am I getting the most out of my time? Think about all the time that we spend wishing away the current moment. It seems as if we’re programmed to! “TGIF” and “I have a case of the Mondays,” just to name a few instances. The video posted over here yesterday got me thinking – what if I didn’t count on things being better at the end of the day, on Friday, or the weekend? What if I just lived right now?

  • Taking a look at the true human experience, this article hashes out the reasons behind the 40-hour workweek.
  • An exercise to “pull you out of a sadness rut!”
  • Think about all the conversations you engage in and leave wondering what you really talked about. This article will make you see random conversation from a whole new perspective.
  • #LoveisProject is a slideshow of portraits of people from around the world next to what their definition of love is.
  • Failure doesn’t have to be crushing!

Have a great weekend!