Katie Cashin Therapy True Self

Explorations of the True Self

This week the pop culture (and tween/teen) world let out a universal “OMG.” The reason? Taylor Swift dropped her new, “edgier” album that unapologetically declared her cross over from country to pop completed in full. Admittedly, I have not listened to the album- I’m at an age where I really have to think on it for a day or two before intentionally choosing to enter the target market of someone like Swift- but I have heard that what people seem to appreciate the most about it is how it reflects Swift’s authenticity. Despite the new electronics and beats, people still seem to connect with Swift on a personal level.

I’m not sure I want to hold up Taylor Swift or any other celebrity as a role model for achieving the authentic self. I think that’s a tricky thing to try and measure when the subject makes her living as a performer. What does seem apparent and authentic is Swift’s willingness to try new things.

This is what I appreciate most from artists of any genre: the willingness to explore new ways of expressing oneself and the lightness to give oneself a certain amount of grace while doing so.


As artists of our own lives, how can we explore new parts of our true self and what could be the benefits of trying this out?