Emotions and the Power to Let Them Play


Let’s face it, allowing ourselves to sense, experience and let emotions pass can be hard. Our bodies are wired to react when we feel something. While this is 100% helpful for many things – sensing hot then removing our hand, seeing a car and jumping out of the way – it can become detrimental when we sense something that is not directly correlated to a dangerous event. For example, when we feel anxious our brain wants to react, it wants to jump out of the way of that moving van, but what if the anxiety does not stem from a car approaching as we cross the street? What if we are anxious because we are adjusting to a new work schedule, haven’t gotten as much sleep as we should, or are nervous for an upcoming event? Allowing ourselves to process and feel our emotions are¬†oftentimes the first step to overcoming them.

Also – let’s also not get carried away in believing that we can always overcome emotions. Sometimes emotions pass but then creep back up and we feel defeated once more. We have to teach ourselves that this is all part of the roller-coaster. If we try and halt our feelings we get stuck in a mid-range level of feeling. You might not feel the downs so deeply but you also might not feel the ups so fully!

Try giving your emotions some space. Allow them to exist and even see if you can play with them! Follow the emotions back to the root, what might be causing them? We might find that, in this process, we have more compassion for ourselves that we once believed!