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Clip of the Week Wednesday: The Willpower to Motivate

Today’s video is for anyone out there who like myself, has lived under the assumption that self discipline and willpower are things we are given a predetermined amount of in our life time. Like my height or my shoe size, I moved well into adult believing I was a person who was only ever inherently mild to moderately motivated. The more I learned about motivation the more I understood that my capacity to change or get things done was going to be a lifelong practice.

Kind of like physical exercise: as naturally fit as a person can be, maintaining good health requires some level of continued willpower and effort. For some reason, it’s harder for us to apply this to our mental health, our motivation, and our self-discipline. We just expect minds to mature to a point of adequate health and remain there without regular maintenance. Today’s clip from WellCast is aimed at debunking that expectation and giving us some starter ideas for building our self-discipline muscle. Enjoy!

The Willpower Workout