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Clip of the Week Wednesday: Stigma of Mental Health Disorders

In TEDxBloomington, Denny Morrison discusses the stigmas behind mental health disorders and how to move beyond them. There are plenty of misconceptions about mental health disorders, but so many people suffer from them. Why has this subject held so much controversy and what can we do to break the stigma of mental health disorders? Morrison points out that in society there are some illnesses that are considered “better” than others. For example, many people would more willingly admit to having diabetes than they would depression or anxiety. In fact, “major depression is the leading cause of disability in developed countries.”

Morrison suggests that we would benefit from viewing mental health disorders the same way we view other illnesses, as they often are more interlinked than we think. The lack of awareness when it comes to mental health disorders feeds the stigma. Many people see it as a weakness to admit they’re suffering from a mental health disorder, but Morrison suggests looking at them as “chronic diseases that have to be managed just like diabetes and asthma.” Morrison’s moving speech entitled No Health Without Mental Health challenges you to “jump into the discomfort of thought, challenge the assumptions you have about mental illness,” and suggests we “bring rationality back to this segment of healthcare.”