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Clip of the Week Wednesday: Happiness (, Again)

I know. I KNOW. Haven’t we had enough with the gratitude and happiness thing? Look, I get it. Some days I feel like if I see one more meme, one more FaceBook post about getting grateful I’m going to 100% lose it. I also know for a fact (because there are some uber smarty pants out there who have done somewhere around 500 years worth of research on happiness to prove it) that unhappiness, or depression, has a whole lot to do with the pathways we set up in our brain. The exciting news is that while we may not be able to control all of our chemical balances through intentional practices, our daily behaviors add up and can have a major effect on our mindset.
Also, take a minute to consider what’s being thrown out here: that the pursuit of happiness isn’t necessarily the most effective path to getting happy.