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Clip of the Week Wednesday: Sleep

I think I’ve shared before that I’m a huge fan of the WellCast┬áchannel on YouTube and today I’m bringing you their Sleep and Creativity Challenge. Obviously, I put a lot of stock in processing emotions, talking through life’s challenges, and working with our stories. I also think a lot of the work of mental health goes hand-in-hand with our physical health – and I’m not alone. These smarty pants over at the Harvard Mental Health Letter published this in July 2009:

“Doctors have traditionally viewed insomnia and other sleep disorders as symptoms of depression and other mental health problems. But recent studies suggest that sleep problems may raise risk for, and even contribute to, the development of some psychiatric disorders.”

You don’t have to be struggling with a serious psychiatric disorder to feel the repercussions of sleep disturbance or deprivation. Lack of sleep can affect us in many ways and on many levels, including our creativity! So how do you notice when you’re under-rested? If you give the challenge a try, let us know what you notice in the comments below!
Sleep tight!