Clarity Question

Hey y’all & TGIF!

Here we are again, landing at the end of another week. For some, Friday marks a finish line for the busyness of work and life. For others, this is just when things start to ramp up.

Wherever we are and however we’ve arrived here, it’s almost too easy for us to jump into weekend mode without pausing to notice and acknowledge what’s brought us here. The week becomes a blur, something we’ve survived. And yet, we’ve learned and stretched and grown through these days. In fact, we are no longer exactly who we were when we started this party on Monday!

So you are now cordially invited to take a moment with the question below. Perhaps you’ll reflect on it in the comments below or pull out your journal. Maybe you’ll meditate on it. Or bring it with you during the commute home. Whatever you do with it, I hope it will bring you a point of clarity as you transition into your weekend.


Where (or with whom) did you feel the most connected this week? Where did you experience feelings of disconnect?