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Self-Compassion Series: Self-Soothing

Why hello there! Nice to see you all, nice to be writing again, nice to be observing this Labor Day from my couch where I’m doing nothing very laborious at all. I hope you are getting the time and space for something you need today too, whether it’s being with friends, rest, a good start on a project. Read More

Frog Pose or “Stillness is hard.”

This is an appropriate post for where I am and what I’m doing this week, which is “on break” and “not much.” But I’ve noticed for some time now that so many of us are slightly to very uncomfortable with the idea of being still and I’m surprised by this. Not because being still is Read More

Don’t Believe the Hype: Affirmations for a Tuesday

You are enough. Totally and thoroughly enough. With your pieces and parts that you want to fix, your unfinished projects, your uncertain plans for the day, the week, the life. Know it or not, you bring something to the table just as you are. Not doing #allthethings does not make you “lazy.” If you start using Read More

Daily Doses of Mental Health

Now that we’ve had our first few official summer storms, I think we can safely say we’re into the most hot and humid time of the year here in Baltimore. And while I’m never particularly stoked about the constant code orange air quality days, I very much look forward to the borderline-problematic watermelon consumption and sunshine streaks Read More

For Maternal Mental Health Month: Awful and Awesome

Along with being National Mental Health Month, May is also National Maternal Mental Health Month. To celebrate, today I’m finishing up a four-month Maternal Mental Health Provider certification  program. Yippee!! And congrats to everyone else concluding the training today. (If you are looking for a Maternal Mental Health Provider, you can find a list of Read More

Friday Wrap Up

This week’s Friday Wrap Up touches on subjects like the intent in relationships, adolescent milestones, happiness, and a great resource for parents with children that display an early onset of mental illness. My hopes with these Friday Wrap Up posts are to share things with you that make you think, give you some hope, and, Read More

Jimmy Kimmel Goes to Therapy - Katie Cashin Therapy

Jimmy Kimmel Goes to Therapy?

Wondering what therapy is like? Tv personality, Jimmy Kimmel takes to his television show to give those who are curios an “insider’s view.” Jimmy Kimmel goes to therapy weekly, he says in this clip from his show Jimmy Kimmel Live. His therapist might not be what you’d expect, but he has apparently “helped Jimmy a Read More

Expert Advice - Katie Cashin Therapy

Expert Advice

Living in the age we do, we get to reap the tremendous benefits of having immediate access to information through the internet. This access helps our lives move at a quicker pace and adds a lot of convenience to what used to be lengthy processes. But one of the major downsides of having so much Read More

Brene Brown on Shame and Empathy - Katie Cashin

Brene Brown on Shame and Empathy

How do shame and empathy go together? For one, Brene Brown believes that “connection is the essence of the human experience. It is what gives meaning to our lives.” If you think about connection on a continuum, shame is on one side while empathy is on the other. Bridging the gap between us and allowing Read More

Aliza and the Mind Jar - Katie Cashin Therapy

Aliza and the Mind Jar

Aliza and the Mind Jar is a small peek at a mindfulness and yoga program that is offered at a girl’s prep school in the Bronx. Through several changes in perspective, Aliza and the Mind Jar shows you how the program affects the students, program teacher, and parents of those who participate. Through mindfulness and Read More

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