About Me

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I believe that everyone has a story and that story is worth sharing. In doing so, people connect to each other and discover that they are all part of a big, greater, ongoing story. I apply this to my counseling and have seen the true healing that happens when people reconnect to their stories.

My love for being a therapist stems from my deep curiosity about human behavior and I find it continually challenging and exciting. I believe that a therapist plays a unique role in people’s lives and that, “Everyone else in our lives has a dog in our fight.” Our friends, family, colleagues and faith leaders all have some personal stake in our business. I also have a growing appreciation for people’s honesty, resiliency and willingness to keep growing, even when it can be uncomfortable. Through this growth we can become whole again. My work allows me to challenge the messages that doubt is bad, depression is weak, and worry is wasted energy. By removing the stigma, I allow my clients to understand themselves and heal from within.

I believe when we feel we’re at rock bottom, the walls have closed in, or our questions to God, the Universe, or ourselves, are falling on deaf ears, we’re actually nearing a point of growth. We may just need some help finding the way.

I work with a wide array of clients and have extensive experience working with people who cope with issues such as illness, divorce, grief and loss, dealing with OCD, anxiety, depression and eating disorders, as well as those who have questions about their faith and God.

Be well,

Katie Cashin