Month: September 2016

Not Making Meaning

Struggle can be…part of the journey, a race, a mountain, an ocean to cross, a challenge to overcome. And struggle can also just be struggle. Getting the news we were hoping for can be…a sign, fate, destiny, the universe working in our favor. And also, simply the outcome of a situation. Our experience can happen… for Read More

Clarity Question: Reality Check

Here we are…. the end of another week. For some, Friday marks a finish line for the busyness of work and life. For others, this is just when things start to ramp up. Wherever we are and however we’ve arrived here, it’s almost too easy for us to jump into weekend mode without pausing to notice and acknowledge what’s brought us here.  So you are now cordially Read More

Core Shift

To start with a little self disclosure, after about a 15-year hiatus I recently picked up my cello and began the humbling experience of weekly lessons. The image of “cobwebs” doesn’t quite do this return to the cello justice; I’ve started back at the beginning, relearning my scales and bowing and it’s felt more like trying to Read More