Month: February 2015

Clip of the Week Wednesday: Gratitude - Katie Cashin Therapy

Clip of the Week Wednesday: Gratitude

Now that we’re really feeling the depths of winter, let’s think about how we can get through this time with the least amount of struggle possible. The answer to adding happiness to your life? Gratitude. The YouTube channel, Soul Pancake, shares an experiment in Gratitude. What makes you happy? Have you ever wondered why? Join Read More

Self-Help and Seasonal Affective Disorder - Katie Cashin Therapy

Self-Help and Seasonal Affective Disorder

Here in Maryland it seems like we’re finally getting our serving of real, thick winter. And this is unfortunate as many of us have already met our cold weather tolerance for the year with days of sustained single digit temperatures and hands blistered from too many early morning de-icings. So for anyone who experiences even Read More

Clip of the Week Wednesday - Introversion

Clip of the Week Wednesday: Introversion

Introversion is a very hot topic these days, as social media has made it nearly impossible to feel disconnected. When someone is introverted, they usually need time to “regroup” or “recharge” after social interactions. Introversion doesn’t necessarily mean that a person doesn’t like being around other people, it means that they don’t always want to Read More

Valentine's Day - Katie Cashin Therapy

Friday Wrap Up: Valentine’s Day

Hi Everyone and Welcome to Friday.This week’s wrap up is taking on tomorrow’s love/hate holiday: Valentine’s Day. Wherever you fall on the issue, it’s hard to deny that Valentine’s Day strikes a chord with most people in some way, shape, or form. So to meet you wherever you are we’re sharing just a few links Read More

Clip of the Week Wednesday - Mental Health Disorders - Katie Cashin Therapy

Clip of the Week Wednesday: Stigma of Mental Health Disorders

In TEDxBloomington, Denny Morrison discusses the stigmas behind mental health disorders and how to move beyond them. There are plenty of misconceptions about mental health disorders, but so many people suffer from them. Why has this subject held so much controversy and what can we do to break the stigma of mental health disorders? Morrison Read More

Clip of the Week Wednesday:Brene Brown - Katie Cashin Therapy

Clip of the Week Wednesday: Brene Brown

If you have even just a pinky-toe dipped into the self-help-psychology world these days, you probably feel like you’re hearing about Brene Brown non-stop. And I have to admit, because of her popularity rush I  kept my distance for a while, figuring she was just sharing something everyone wanted to hear. But once I started Read More

Good Posture - Katie Cashin Therapy

Good Posture

Many of us have experienced the deep connection between physical and mental health. Whether you’re the kind of person who feels stress evaporate after a 2 mile run or someone who loves nothing better than a gentle stretch to start and end the day, taking the opportunity to tune into our bodies definitely makes some Read More