Month: January 2015

Uncertainty and Simplicity - Katie Cashin Therapy

Friday Wrap-Up: Uncertainty and Simplicity

Hey everyone! Thanks for checking in today to get your fill of links. Don’t forget, if you have links that you want to be featured on send them my way! Uncertainty and simplicity. Both are things we usually back away from. Uncertainty and simplicity require breaking our daily habits and taking the path less Read More

Perspective - Katie Cashin Therapy

It’s All in the Perspective

Sherry McClurkin is not only a nationally and state certified counselor and pastoral counselor, she is also one of the most awesome people I have ever had the chance to know. I am so happy to share her thoughts on perspective here with you today and I hope you’ll check out her blog for more Read More

Friday Wrap Up - You Did It! - Katie Cashin Therapy

Friday Wrap-Up: You did it!

Guys & Gals… you did it! Whether you jumped out of bed, starting each day with a song, or somehow by the grace of God and Elvis pulled yourself through, but with one foot in front of the other you did it. You landed on the other end of the week. So take a minute Read More

What We Tell Ourselves - Katie Cashin Therapy

What We Tell Ourselves

Guest Post By: Christina Taylor When I was younger, my sister used to tell on me when I called her something bad. My way out of the situation was to exclaim, “I didn’t say she was a _____, I said she was acting like a _____.” Does this make sense? Not really. But, if you Read More

Happiness - Katie Cashin Therapy

Clip of the Week Wednesday: Happiness (, Again)

I know. I KNOW. Haven’t we had enough with the gratitude and happiness thing? Look, I get it. Some days I feel like if I see one more meme, one more FaceBook post about getting grateful I’m going to 100% lose it. I also know for a fact (because there are some uber smarty pants Read More

Friday Wrap Up: Too Many LInks Edition - Katie Cashin Therapy

Friday Wrap Up: Too Many Links Edition!

Hey everyone and Happy Friday! This week we had an abundance of link love over at Katie Cashin Therapy. We figured why not share them all in this week’s Friday Wrap Up: Too Many Links Edition. Could these 36 questions, and staring into someone’s eyes, make you fall in love? From Kurt Vonnegut to Pablo Read More

When Love Gets in the Way - Katie Cashin Therapy

When Love Gets in the Way

This weekend I was able to hear the last fifteen minutes of one of my favorite radio series, This American Life. It always seems like such a treat when I’m able to catch to these shows in “real time” (not just on my podcast playlist!) and I’m particularly jazzed that I caught some of this Read More

Friday Wrap Up - You Did It! - Katie Cashin Therapy

Friday Wrap Up

Hello Everyone and Happy Friday! I thought that maybe the weeks would start slowing down as we edged our way out of December and into the year, but apparently I was dead wrong! Hard to believe we’re here for another Friday Wrap-Up again but I’m excited to share the gems of the internet that I’ve Read More

Clip of the Week Wednesday: Sleep - Katie Cashin Therapy

Clip of the Week Wednesday: Sleep

I think I’ve shared before that I’m a huge fan of the WellCast channel on YouTube and today I’m bringing you their Sleep and Creativity Challenge. Obviously, I put a lot of stock in processing emotions, talking through life’s challenges, and working with our stories. I also think a lot of the work of mental health Read More

Healthy Boundaries - Katie Cashin Therapy

Healthy Boundaries

People who know me (both personally and professionally) know that one of the things I’m ca-razy about is healthy boundaries! My Top 3 Must-Haves go something like this: 1) Plain M&M’s 2) Healthy boundaries 3) James Taylor playing in the background.  Whether laying the groundwork within oneself or creating the parameters of an interpersonal relationship, Read More

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