Month: December 2014

Friday Wrap Up: Too Many LInks Edition - Katie Cashin Therapy

Friday Wrap Up! Winter Solstice

Hey everybody! I hope that you’re all enjoying this holiday season and preparing for the winter solstice. While people see the winter solstice as the shortest day of the year, many celebrate this solstice because it marks the return of the sun! The winter solstice used to be celebrated widely, and some say it marked Read More

Clip of the Week Wednesday: Fight Depression During the Holidays

The second round of holidays are approaching and while this is usually the “most wonderful time of the year” many people are dealing with depression. This depression can be anything from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) to depression about a family member that has passed. This is a time of year that has the potential for Read More

Katie Cashin Therapy Self-Care

When Self-Care Feels Like a Chore

We have another guest post today from writer and wellness connoisseur Christina Taylor. Self-care. This is the number one, and I really mean number one, answer to my questions regarding stress. How can I feel better during this stressful period? Self-care. How can I feel less anxious about (enter ridiculous thing that statistically will probably Read More

Friday Wrap Up - You Did It! - Katie Cashin Therapy

Friday Wrap Up

Here we are once more with our Friday Wrap Up. I noticed this week how fast the days seem to be moving. It feels like as soon as Monday starts, the days slip out from between my fingers and it’s already Friday. While that might sound like a great thing, it made me think – Read More

“There is nothing you cannot do”

Tao Porchon-Lynch is a 96 year old yogi who emanates positivity from her whole being. With her mantra, “There is nothing you cannot do,” Porchon-Lynch lives a life full of joy and happiness. Discussing her childhood and her introduction to yoga, Porchon-Lynch shares stories and encouragements in this thought-provoking TEDx video. “Revitalize yourself with every breath Read More

One Foot in Front of the Other

This seems like an odd choice of a quote for a therapist to throw up on her blog. I mean, the fields of therapy and counseling kind of root themselves in the premise of understanding “the path” and with good reason… Without taking a slow and thorough look at our fears, needs, and pains, we Read More

Friday Wrap Up: Too Many LInks Edition - Katie Cashin Therapy

Friday Wrap Up!

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a nice week (getting back to reality) after Thanksgiving. What a weird time of year this is, full of love, unity, rituals, and stress!! Adjusting to new schedules can be hard enough and this time of year really throws us for a loop. It feels as though we constantly have to Read More

Clip of the Week Wednesday: Processing Emotions

In this discussion with Dr. Synthia Andrews of Andrews Healing Arts Clinic we learn a little more about processing our emotions when they arise. Instead of sweeping our emotions under the rug, what if we laid them out and took a closer look at them or just allowed them to exist? Part of being true Read More

Emotions and the Power to Let Them Play

Let’s face it, allowing ourselves to sense, experience and let emotions pass can be hard. Our bodies are wired to react when we feel something. While this is 100% helpful for many things – sensing hot then removing our hand, seeing a car and jumping out of the way – it can become detrimental when Read More