Month: August 2014

Back to School: Algebra, Art, Anxiety??

Do you remember the Staples (Office Store) commercial that had a father joyfully riding his shopping cart down the aisle to “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” while his two kids trailed behind, hunched over in dread and dragging their feet? This clip runs through my mind every time we enter the first Read More

A Different Angle: Changing Perspective and Getting Un-Stuck

  In my humble opinion, one of the greatest cruelties of life is that playgrounds are reserved for children. Adults get gyms, sure, I’ll give you that. But point me in the direction of a big adult gym that includes uneven or monkey bars. (Full disclosure: I haven’t been to a gym in YEARS so Read More

“Just Fine”

In our family, the only time we ever use the phrase “I’m just fine” seems to be when everything is anything but fine. Luckily, we caught on to the pattern and at this point it’s become a big family joke. But I don’t think I’d have to put out an extensive poll to find that many other people do Read More

Quiet Time and the Anxious Mind

This year it feels like school was out for a day or two before Target, WalMart, and other big name stores began rolling the “Back-2-School” ads and I can just imagine the anxiety and despair that kids experience every time they’re reminded that school is “just around the corner.” It hasn’t always been like this, right? I Read More