Month: July 2014

Begin again (and again) (and again)

Somehow, I made it through all of my formal education without ever enrolling or sitting in on a home economics course. So this made it kind of surprising when last year I suddenly wanted to learn how to sew! Where this domestic hankering came from I have no clue. Not a one. But there it was and though Read More

So not helping

Besties. Soul mates. Kindred spirits. Neighbors. Bros. “Framilies.” Whatever you call them, having a solid support systems is an important part of life. Especially when we hit those days that feel much harder and heavier. Whether it’s a co-worker with a casserole, a sister with a hug, a neighbor willing to give you a ride, or Read More

The Faces of Mental Illness

It’s almost impossible to accurately describe what “the face of mental illness” looks like since how we experience things like depression, OCD, phobias, anxiety, extreme distress, etc… varies from person to person. But now, moreso than ever before, thanks to the selfie we have an easily accessible way to capture the many faces of mental Read More

Starting Small is a Big Deal

Philosopher and author Albert Camus said that “a work of art is a confession.” So to take a page from the monsieur, I’d like to start by confessing that as a partner, parent, and professional I find the tension between long-term goals and the baby steps it takes to get there really, seriously challenging. In  each of these Read More