Welcome to Katie Cashin Therapy

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However you’ve landed here, welcome.

I’m Katie, a professional therapist (LCPC) and approved LGPC supervisor serving the greater Baltimore area.

I believe that change starts with exploration …

Exploration of comfortable behaviors, patterns, and beliefs that may no longer serve us.

Exploration of parts of our selves that seem foreign or disconnected. Exploration of the relationships we have with our minds, our histories, and our choices.



I am here to speak to the part of you that is ready to grow. I am here to listen as you notice and name your experiences. And I am here to support your continuing self-education.

The process of therapy is not a miracle cure and in therapy with me, we will not be on a mission to “fix all the problems!” What we will be doing is building a relationship, one in which hopefully, you can grow and learn.

Want to learn more? Give me a call today, 443.718.0496.  You’re also welcome to submit your questions on my contact page. 

I look forward to working with you! Be well.

Katie Cashin, MS, LCPC